a film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan

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Screening FAQ

Common questions and answers.

Yes, one-time screenings are available for organizations!

This provides you with a unique login to the film that you can share with your participants. There is a minimum $250 fee (for up to 100 viewers) and scales up depending on your audience and needs. Filmmakers may be available for Q&As for a speaker fee. If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will get back to you ASAP.

How do we access the film?

Once a screening is booked, you will receive a unique login and a (48 hr) window where the film will be available for your audience to view.

I’m interested in a ticketed fundraising event

Our impact partner, Cool.World, has built a platform to host virtual events and screenings. Let us know you’re interested when you fill out form!

How does my group watch the film together?

If you want people to watch the film at a specific time together, include a schedule of events in your event description.

If you are hosting a panel and want people to watch the film at a specific time together, a good idea to make sure people do that is to do a live opening introduction to the film, watch the film, and then gather people again for the discussion. For example:

1:00pm – Opening remarks
1:10pm – Watch the film!
3:00pm – Discussion/panel
4:00pm – Closing

Live streaming a panel

There are lots of options out there now! Zoom makes it pretty easy if you are “beaming” to one platform (i.e. YouTube of Facebook).  If you want to stream to several platforms and accounts, an easy to use platform is Streamyard. There are fees attached to this (around $30 CAD/month), but it’s easy to use and customizable for your event.

Share calls to action in your community

You and your audience can help amplify the movement by spreading the word about the film, the community screenings, and sharing your experiences!

We set up a Grassroots Cool Kit for The New Corporation. This is a public folder with resources to support activists.

Share your story on social media!