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Encourage educators to sign up to get the film free.
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#1000 Schools

Thanks to the 459 supporters who contributed to our #OffTheCouch campaign, we are well on our way to giving the new, shorter 10th Anniversary version of the film away free to 1,000 schools. Encourage educators to get on the recipient list now!

The crowdfunding campaign is now over as are, alas, the perks - but we will still gratefully take your contributions and put it toward the #1000 schools goal. You can also tell us why you think The Corporation is still relevant in our feedback survey, and let us know where we should go from here.

We've heard many voices telling us how important it is to reach the next generation, which helped shape our campaign so your opinion really does matter!

We're Not Done Yet

Ten years ago, The Corporation (a film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan) became an international hit, with the companion book by Bakan a bestseller. Now it’s time to gear up again! Join Hello Cool World and the makers of The Corporation as we celebrate over a decade of organizing, action and dialogue.


Coolheaded and incisive...thorough and informative... It leaves audiences with a cold shiver.

- Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle