Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer Abbott
Jennifer Abbott
Director, Editor

Jennifer Abbott is a Genie and Sundance award winning filmmaker dedicated to filmmaking as art, philosophy and activism. She is the Co-Director and Editor of THE CORPORATION (2003), still the top grossing and most awarded documentary in Canadian history; the Director, Writer, Editor, Sound Designer and Co-Producer of THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS (2020) and the Co-Director and Supervising Editor of THE NEW CORPORATION: THE UNFORTUNATELY NECESSARY SEQUEL (2020).

Since the release of her first short film SKINNED (1993), exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, she has been the recipient of 38 international awards and 11 nominations including most recently Best Canadian Feature at Planet in Focus Film Festival (2020) for THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS. VIFF Programmer Tammy Bannister called THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS “Perhaps the most visceral reasoned call to action for humanity since An Inconvenient Truth,” and POV MAGAZINE compared it to the “…lyrical and elegiac wonder of Terrence Malick,” and it has a 9/10 rating on IMDB. THE NEW CORPORATION was called the “Must-see documentary of the year,” by FORBES, “Chillingly relevant,” by VARIETY and made the GLOBE & MAIL’s top 20 films of 2020 list. 

Inspired by the experience of writing and directing the dramatic scenes in THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS, Abbott is interested in crossing over to narrative film as well as pushing the boundaries between documentary and fiction filmmaking. While her primary interests lie in writing and directing, Abbott almost always edits and sound designs her own films. She lives on Canada’s West Coast with her twin teenage daughters.


This is the kind of filmmaking that could, if seen on a large scale, change the society we live in.

- Chris Parry, Hollywood Bitchslap