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September 30, 2018 by Hello Cool World
Rob Stewart, Filmmaker

Rob Stewart's Sharkwater Extinction is wrapping up its festival run and about to hit theatres across Canada on October 19.

“There is nothing more important than conservation because conservation is the preservation of human life on Earth.”
~ Rob Stewart

BE A HERO - Help us make an impact with this film. Mark Achbar, co-director of The Corporation and its upcoming sequel had a chance to see the film at VIFF on Friday night, and sings its praises while urging supporters of The Corporation to get involved.

“As a filmmaker, I was inspired. As a vegan, I was horrified. As an environmentalist on the verge of despair, I was reenergized. Rob’s film poignantly argues that we owe it to future generations of every species, including our own, to fight even harder against the forces of greed, ignorance, and apathy, that allow the savage slaughter of sharks, on a scale that is truly shocking, to continue.”
~ Mark Achbar

With his critically-acclaimed first film, Sharkwater (2006), Stewart exposed the illegal and immoral practice of “finning” and led the battle for people and countries around the world to go #FinFree. Stewart’s movie inspired significant changes in attitudes and laws around the world. As Mark Leiren-Young, author, The Killer Whale Who Changed the World puts it,  “Rob Stewart was a force of nature and a force for nature. There haven’t been many movies—ever—that made a...

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April 10, 2015 by Sandy Haksi
Help us get the film free into 1,000 schools

Counting our Bitcoin donations, we're 80% of the way to our $50,000 campaign goal!

We'd like to give a special shout-out to the amazing supporters who have helped us raise over $5,000 since the crowdfunding campaign "officially" ended. We apologize to any who haven't been personally thanked yet but we've added everyone to our contributors gratitude page. Please let us know if you would prefer anonymity.

Thanks to all our #OffTheCouch supporters, we have enough to start giving the film away to the first batch of educators who signed up to get the film free. We're hoping this will start seeding discussions about corporate power worldwide, and we encourage anyone who has watched the film to give us feedback.

We're still a long way from our 1,000 schools goal so your continued gifts will really make an impact. Over 200 educators have signed up but imagine if we had 1,000... Multiply that by the number of students who will see the film and pretty soon we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people, all engaging around the issues and moved to do something. That's our dream anyway. Perhaps you'd like to join us?

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March 02, 2015 by Hello Cool World

Tonight Joel Bakan joins KPBS on air to help fundraise and talk about his latest book "Childhood Under Seige" as part of a special fundraising broadcast of the film. 

We're thrilled that even after a decade has gone by, the film is still relevant and reaching out to new audiences. Check out the short video we did with Joel and supporters of the film about why the film still matters!

Where you able to watch the KPBS broadcast? What do you think?  Let us know why you think the film still matters -- if you do -- and support KPBS and our campaign.

The Corporation Airs Monday, March 2, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. on KPBS TV


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February 20, 2015 by The Corporation

We've just launched our new website using Drupal. Thank you Sandy Haksi for all your hard work! Check out the new site and please let us know if you find any bugs! Are there features we've missed? Suggestions? 

With Canadian and US elections just around the corner, corporations will be pushing hard for candidates and legislation which benefit them. Please let us know if you hear of interesting groups or strategies opposing corporate influence in our elections. 

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October 02, 2014 by Hello Cool World

I’m really looking forward to seeing our friend Harold Crooks’ new film - The Price We Pay - which is coming to VIFF. The documentary offers a 90-minute look at corporate tax avoidance through the creation of offshore havens, and how many tech giants of the “cloud” economy seem to be eroding the very foundation of democracy.

It’s also up for an Impact Award, another initiative by our pals at Agentic Digital Media and Story Money Impact (Read about the Impact Awards below).

Harold co-wrote The Corporation’s narration and I’m excited to see him tackle such an important social justice topic as tax havens. Harold was also on the street in NYC during Occupy, and knows first-hand how strongly current the issue of economic justice is.

So far “The Price We Pay” has garnered big praise at its TIFF premiere with film critic Jason Gorber pronouncing it:

“one of the strongest docs of the year, one that's both timely and highly provocative.”
- Jason Gorber,

The Corporation filmmaker Mark Achbar agrees, saying: “If you've ever wondered why our social and cultural programs are starved for funds, why health care is being rationed, and why, as a society, we're becoming ever more miserly, here's a plausible explanation: The scale of tax evasion by the world's wealthy and the world's wealthiest corporations is simply staggering. Harold Crooks shows us the mechanisms and far-reaching consequences of this phenomenon in his fascinating new film, The Price We Pay. Entirely watchable. Essential viewing.” 

The scale... more ››

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